3 Things That Will Get Checked On An AC Turne-up

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When summer comes, you want your air conditioner to work. You just want to flip the switch and have cold air pour out into your house. If you want that to happen, you need to do something to help that happen. You need to call an HVAC company and have them perform an AC tune-up on your air conditioner. Ideally, it would be best if you had two tune-ups done, one in the spring on your AC and one in the fall on your furnace. Getting them done at those times means that your HVAC system will be working well when they get turned on. So what will happen during an AC tune-up? 

Coolant Checked

One of the first things that will happen is that the service tech will check to see if your AC has enough coolant and top it off if necessary. The coolant is needed to cool down the air that will go into your house. If you don't have enough coolant, the air conditioner won't work as well. If your coolant amount is low, the technician will also see if they see any spot where there may be a leak. If there is a leak, the technician will patch it so no more coolant can get out. 

Electrical Connections

Another thing that the professional will check is all the electrical connections in your AC. Connections can get loose or corrode, which means they aren't going to work as well, and they are at risk of shorting out or causing other damage. If the technician finds a problematic connection, they will fix or replace it. That is as much for safety as it is to make sure that your air conditioner is working the way it should. 


Your air conditioner has a set of filters in it. Those filters are designed to catch things like hair, dust, pollutants, and other contaminants you don't want flying around your house. If the filters are damaged or clogged, they won't work well and won't let your AC work efficiently. That will make your AC work harder, cost you more money, and prematurely age your machine. 

If you are worried about your air conditioner's performance, call an HVAC contractor. They can send a service tech to your house to give your air conditioner a tune-up to make sure that it will work the way that it should and that it will keep you nice and cool all summer long. Contact an AC tune-up service near you to learn more.