5 Telltale Signs That You Need Heating Maintenance Services

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Your heating system keeps your home warm in cold weather. Nonetheless, your heating system could deteriorate or fail like many other systems. Before a system failure, you will likely get signs that indicate different underlying issues. You can avoid major repairs and total breakdown if you contact heating maintenance services in time.

Below are indicators that your system needs heating maintenance services.

1. Weird Pilot Light Color

The typical pilot color for a gas-based furnace is blue. Contact heating maintenance services immediately if you notice other colors like yellow, red, or orange. Abnormal pilot light colors always signify that your furnace has many condensates, for example, rust and tar. A yellow flame signifies the presence of carbon monoxide, which reduces indoor air quality and causes health complications.

2. Uneven Indoor Temperatures

Poor heat distribution is a sure sign that your heating system has an underlying problem. Some issues that cause cold spots in your house include ductwork issues, poor insulation, and furnace problems. If some of your house spaces are colder than others, contact heating maintenance services to identify and solve the root issue. Otherwise, you may have to squeeze your family into the few warm rooms.

3. Unusual Furnaces Noises

All furnaces make some noise, especially at startup and shut down. Nonetheless, the noise increases when your heating system is old or has a problem. Noises indicate underlying issues like blower problems and loose or broken components. Unfortunately, weird noises don't disappear, so you'll need to find professional heating maintenance services.

4. Short Cycles and Constant Operation

Short cycles occur when your heat exchanger overheats. As a result, the entire system shuts down and turns on when the exchanger cools down. On the flip side, constant operations happen when your heating system takes longer than usual to achieve desired temperatures and runs constantly. Either problem can only be solved when you call a heating maintenance expert to do the necessary repairs.

5. Burning Odor

Suppose you notice an unusual smell when you turn on your heating system, request immediate heating services. Common furnace odors include metallic, damp, and sulfur smells. The odors indicate underlying problems like gas leaks, clogged filters, and loose hose connections. For instance, a car exhaust smell signifies that your furnace vents have a problem.


Once you notice weird occurrences with your heating system, don't hesitate to request heating maintenance services. Look for a reputable and excellent professional who can offer guidance on preventing the problem's reoccurrence. Otherwise, you might have to deal with major repairs or replacements.