Don't Forget To Ask These Four Questions When Consulting An HVAC Contractor

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HVAC is a complicated home system that needs expert services from a well-trained technician. Therefore, you should always hire a certified professional for installments, repairs, and maintenance of your HVAC unit. To find a reliable HVAC contractor, ask the following questions during the consultation process.

If the HVAC System Fails or Malfunctions, Will You Offer Customer Support?

HVAC units can sometimes malfunction immediately after installation and repair. Therefore, it is important to know if the contractor offers customer support should you encounter any problems with your unit.

A professional company should have a team of HVAC technicians available to answer questions and come by should your unit malfunction. Reliable customer support offers timely and convenient help.

What Could be Wrong with the HVAC Unit and Which Brands Would You Recommend?

During the consultation, the technician will ask what is wrong with your unit. After discussing your HVAC system issues, it is important to ask for their opinion. Although an on-site diagnostic will shed more light on the problem, you can ask potential causes to know if you need repair or replacement.

If you want to hire a contractor for replacement, you can ask which HVAC system brands they recommend. As professionals, they can recommend highly functional and energy-efficient brands which will save you thousands in terms of energy bills.

What Services Do You Offer and Do You Offer Maintenance Services?

You might need to hire an HVAC contractor for various reasons. It could be to install a new unit or get repairs or maintenance on the existing system. So, it is important to ask the company for a list of services they offer and see if they offer the service you need.

As you inquire about services, ask whether they offer maintenance services. Maintenance helps prevent untimely HVAC system breakdowns and expensive repairs. Additionally, it helps ensure the unit functions properly and effectively without using too much energy. 

Do You Discard Old HVAC Equipment when Making HVAC Unit Replacements?

If you need your old unit replaced and wouldn't want to deal with hauling it away, consult with the contractor and ask if they discard old equipment. A good contractor should clean up and later haul away the old unit according to disposal guidelines by EPA. Additionally, on completion of the new installation, a professional contractor should clean the working area.

The above questions will help determine if the contractor meets your needs. Schedule your consultation with us for answers to the above and any more questions you may have.

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