3 Tips That Might Help Lower Your Summer Air Conditioning Bills

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When summer temperatures soar, you may start to worry about your air conditioning bill. When your AC has to run longer and harder to keep you cool in your home, your electric bill will probably go up at least some. Here are three tips for helping your AC be more efficient so you can stay cool without worry about spending too much on electricity.

1. Have Your AC Serviced

It's important to have your AC serviced before the hottest days of summer begin. If you forgot to do so, call for an AC maintenance technician to service your AC as soon as possible. This is an important step in controlling your energy bills because the technician cleans your AC as well as services the parts. Your air conditioner has to be clean to operate optimally. Changing the filter regularly is an important aspect of keeping your AC clean too.

Another thing the technician does is check the parts so worn ones can be replaced so they don't place strain on your air conditioner. If your air conditioner is old and unable to operate efficiently any longer, the repair technician might discuss the benefits of installing a new and more energy-efficient model so you can stay cool while enjoying energy savings due to improvements in air conditioner design.

2. Block Solar Heating

If some rooms of your home get hot in the afternoon because the windows face the west or south, consider covering the windows with heavy drapes or window film so the UV rays and solar heating are blocked. By blocking solar heating, you'll help your home have more uniform cooling and reduce hot spots. Plus, your AC won't have to work as hard to keep your home cool, especially if the thermostat is in an area that is heated by the sun.

3. Lower Humidity

Talk to your air conditioning technician about adding a dehumidifier to your home. Sometimes you can even have one added to your existing HVAC. When the humidity is lower in your home, you feel cooler, and this could allow you to raise the setting on the thermostat.

A similar method is to use ceiling fans or small desk fans. Fans don't lower the temperature in your house, but they cause evaporation of sweat and moisture from your skin, so you feel cooler even when the thermostat is set a little higher.

By using fans and blocking solar heating, you can help your home stay a little cooler on hot summer days with your current air conditioner. When it's time to replace your AC, be sure to discuss energy-efficient models with the dealer so you get the best performing AC that you can afford to help keep your energy bills lower for years to come.

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