Central Air Conditioner Maintenance

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Cool air and plenty of fluids to drink are the main things that people need when the weather is hot. Without those two things, it can lead to someone becoming dehydrated due to sweating a lot and lead to possibly having to spend time in the hospital. Many people look forward to going home to a central air conditioner after being in the sun all day, but sometimes they get a surprise after turning the system on and finding out that it isn't producing cold air. Sudden air conditioner problems usually only occur when a homeowner has not been providing maintenance to the system to prevent them from developing when least expected. As you will learn by reading the content below, certain tasks can be performed on your central air conditioning system every now and then to keep it functional.

Get Coolant Checks Performed

Coolant is very necessary when it comes to running a central air conditioning system and reaching a cool temperature. Coolant is made up of antifreeze and water, which are mixed together and used to cool the system down. The fluids can basically cool down the evaporator coil so it can do its job. Although coolant is expected to last for several years before becoming a concern, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't pay attention to it. Get the coolant checked every now and then to ensure that it hasn't been leaking out and interfering with cold air production.

Keep Coils in Good Shape

There are two coils that you should be concerned about when it comes to keeping your air conditioner functional. One of the coils is the evaporator, and it is important because it is able to remove heat to make air cold. The other coil is called the condenser, and it is able to send heat out of your house. Get both of the coils inspected on occasion to make sure they are not covered in dirt or rusty. The system might only be able to circulate a small amount of cold air in your house if the coils are not both in good shape.

Check the Functionality of the Thermostat

The thermostat to a central air conditioning system is the most important part. The system will not turn off and on or be able to be set at a specific temperature if the thermostat is damaged. Adjust the thermostat setting on occasion to make sure everything is working properly.

Reach out to an AC maintenance technician to learn more.