3 Reasons Why Your Furnace Could Stop Working And How To Deal With Them

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During the cold months, homeowners rely on furnaces to warm the air inside their houses. In most cases, a working unit should circulate warm air inside your home and offer consistent output throughout the entire space. Ultimately, this guarantees warmth and comfort as the temperatures become unbearably cold outdoors. However, you will face a challenging time after your unit ceases working. Here are some potential causes of a furnace that shuts down unexpectedly.

The Unit Keeps Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when the heat source in a home abruptly switches on and off multiple times in a short period. Mostly, clogged filters and issues with limited airflow are common causes of short cycling. So, check and replace the filter and ensure all vents are open. Additionally, this issue can happen due to faulty parts or an undersized system for your space. Note that when the filters become too clogged with dust and debris, the system will alternate between on and off cycles without reaching desired temperatures. Hence, you must replace or clean the filter. However, if this doesn't work, a heating expert will inspect other components and determine why the unit keeps cycling.

Problems with the Electrical System

The breaker switch could be why your system is not working as it should. As such, you must reset the circuit breaker if your heater does not turn on. Note that if your breaker switch keeps tripping, there must be some underlying electrical issue. So, get in touch with a heating expert to check why your system is experiencing an electrical malfunction. Note that some heating systems have safety features that shut them off if something goes wrong. Moreover, the system might not turn on if the access panels don't have a secure attachment to the furnace. Hence, the professional will fasten all outer panels of the heater and ensure a secure attachment to restore proper electrical current.

Poor DIY System Lubrication

Your furnace's motor could be making crunching noises because the bearings within are dry. Remember, if you don't lubricate your furnace's moving parts, friction will wear them down and force them to stop working. The good news is regular maintenance takes care of this problem. On the other hand, if your furnace needs repair, turn it off immediately, and leave it off until a heating system repair expert fixes the problem. The professionals will grease the components and restore a quiet operation.

If you are dealing with a furnace that suddenly stops working, it can leave you feeling uncomfortable. So, call a heating system repair expert as soon as possible to restore proper unit function and ensure a comfortable indoor space.

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