Has Your Furnace Lost Power? Common Problems And What They Mean For You

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If your furnace isn't a decade old but has stopped working suddenly, you will want to call a heating repair company before the temperature gets too cold in your home. A unit that has no power at all can have a few different things wrong with it, and while the service experts are on their way, you can see if any of these common problems are causing the power loss.

Broken Fuse in the Breaker

Look at the breaker box to make sure that your breaker didn't blow a fuse so the furnace has no electricity going to it. If there was a large storm or the unit was working hard or there were too many devices trying to use electricity at the same time, you may just need to reset the breaker. If the breaker is flipped but switching it doesn't work, the fuse may need to be replaced.

Clogged Air Filter

A dirty or clogged air filter can lead to furnace failure. You should be changing the filter in your heating unit every few months, especially in times when the unit is being used daily. If this filter has gotten so clogged that air can't flow, the furnace will detect the trapped heat and may shut off automatically as a safety precaution. This may be why your unit is powering down or won't start back up.

If this is the problem, you may want to have the furnace cleaned and serviced to be sure that all the dust and debris have been removed. This way, the air flows properly through the newly replaced filter and you don't have this problem again.

Electrical Complications

Your unit may just be having electrical complications internally, or there could be something wrong with the outlet in the wall. The HVAC professional that comes to your home to service and inspect the unit will run diagnostic and electrical tests to see if there are electrical components and wires that need to be repaired.

Do not try to repair your furnace on your own. This could void the manufacturer warranty if the unit is still covered, and this is also a safety hazard and concern. If the unit has multiple issues that the heating and cooling professional will have to repair, it may be time to consider upgrading to a new or more efficient unit. Compare the costs, part availability, and time needed for the repairs and go from there.

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