4 Ways to Maintain the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner

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An AC is a requisite appliance necessary for keeping your home cool and comfortable, especially in hot and humid areas. However, due to its constant use, it contributes greatly to your monthly electrical consumption. Therefore, it would be best to improve the efficiency of your AC to reduce energy expenses while providing optimal functionality. Below are some ways to maintain the efficiency of your air conditioner:

Replace the Air Filters Regularly

Dirt and other debris may accumulate in the filters hindering airflow into the AC. This causes a reduction in the refrigerant's temperature and makes the coils in the evaporator freeze. Therefore, when the filters are dirty and clogged, there is reduced air circulation, compromising air quality. Consequently, the AC operates for longer and with greater intensity. To increase airflow in the AC, it is crucial that an AC expert clean and replaces the air filters routinely. This will improve the unit's efficiency and reduce your energy use.

Limit the Impact of Heat on the AC's Performance

Your thermostat's location is vital in helping the AC gauge your home's temperature accurately. Additionally, electrical appliances such as stoves and ovens may be a potential threat to cooling because they produce a lot of heat. Consequently, because your AC detects an increase in temperature due to the heat produced by the heating devices, it may have to work harder at cooling.

When you hire an AC technician, they can position the thermostat at a location that is not exposed to heat. They may also install a fan to counter the excess heat without compromising the thermostat.

Insulate any Exposed Ductwork

Worn-out and exposed ducts may lead to heating and cooling losses in the AC. The air might be escaping through the exposed ductwork, limiting the amount of ventilated air flowing through the ducts and causing insufficient cooling in your home. AC experts have the expertise to diagnose and address this problem accurately. They can seal all the leaks in the ductwork and properly insulate it to ensure that no energy is lost.

Schedule Regular AC Tune-ups

Hiring an AC technician to maintain your AC professionally is crucial in sustaining its efficiency. Some of the upkeep services they provide include vacuuming the vents, replacing the refrigerant if depleted, and clearing the drain. Moreover, regularly servicing your AC guarantees its optimal condition, ensuring effective operation.

Proper maintenance of your AC unit helps contribute to the enhanced efficiency of the system. Hiring an AC technician for regular service will safeguard your ACs efficiency and ensure that it is at peak performance in its operation.

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