3 Important Pieces Of Fire Equipment For Your Business

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When keeping your business safe, you want to be prepared for anything, including fires. One of the best ways to prepare for fires is by having the right fire equipment on hand. Here are some essential pieces of fire equipment you will want to have nearby in your business, so if a fire starts, you can safely put it out and keep your business safe. 

Fire Doors

The first piece of equipment you should consider for your business is fire doors. They are fitted with a frame designed to keep fire and smoke on the other side. They can stop fires from getting through to a new room and keep a room safe from smoke. Regular doors burn quickly; fire doors provide extra time for people to escape or get rescued. 

Fire Extinguishers

The second piece of equipment you will want to purchase is fire extinguishers. They are designed to help you put out fires and when used right when a fire starts, can prevent a more significant issue from developing. 

It is important to ensure you have the correct type of fire extinguishers on-site as a business. A Class A extinguisher is made to be used with paper, wood, fabric, cardboard, and plastic. Class B extinguishers are designed to be used with flammable liquids, oil, gas, diesel, and gasoline. Class C extinguishers are made to extinguish fires on or near electrical sources. Class D extinguishers are made to be used on flammable metals. Finally, Class K is made for cooking oils and fats.

More than likely, you may need different extinguishers located in different parts of your business, based on the fire risk for that area. For example, in a kitchen area, you will want a Class K extinguisher for putting out cooking oil and fat fires. Near an area where liquids like gas and oil are stored, you will want a Class B extinguisher. 

Fire Sprinklers

Third, it is good to have some fire sprinklers installed around your business. Fire sprinklers can be a great line of defense if a fire breaks out and can give time for firefighters to arrive and put out the rest of the fire. They are a cost-effective way to protect your business. Most fire sprinklers release water, but you can also get specialized sprinklers that release other fire-fighting agents, such as special sprinklers for rooms where an electrical fire is more likely to occur. 

If you want to keep your business safe, you will want to invest in fire safety tools, such as fire doors, fire extinguishers, and fire sprinkles. All three of these pieces of equipment can help protect and save your business, employees, and customers in the event of a fire. 

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