Choosing A Location For Your New Central Air Conditioner

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Getting central air conditioning installed in your home is so exciting! You'll really enjoy being able to turn down the thermostat and have your home become cool and comfortable in the heat of summer. One decision you'll need to make before having your AC installed is where to have the outdoor unit placed. You can ask your HVAC installer for recommendations in this regard, but you'll also want to consider the following factors and points.

Where is the furnace located?

Generally, when you have an AC unit installed, it shares its blower unit and the ductwork with your furnace. As such, the indoor unit associated with your AC will be installed next to the furnace. The outdoor unit can be connected to this indoor unit by a pipe. That pipe can be as long as it needs to be, but the shorter it is, the less work your HVAC contractor needs to do — and the less material they need to use. As such, you'll often save money if you choose a location for your outdoor unit that's not too far away from the furnace.

Is the ground level?

Outdoor air conditioners need to sit level in order to work properly. If the ground where you want to place your AC is not level, your contractor will need to level it. This adds to the cost of your installation, and also means your installation will take longer. You're often better off installing your AC at a site that's already level, assuming you have one.

Will you be able to trim around the unit easily?

Your AC unit will need to have good airflow in order to work well. This means you'll need to keep any landscaping around it trimmed back. So, make sure that you can easily reach and trim any bushes or trees in the area where you're thinking of having the AC installation

How will the air conditioner look?

You probably don't want to have the AC unit placed right next to your patio where you'll see it all of the time. You probably don't want it right outside your kitchen window where it becomes the focal point when you look out that window, either. If possible, try to place the AC unit in a less-obvious spot.

Talk to your HVAC contractor about the information above. If you're still not sure where to put your AC unit, they can help you make the decision.