3 Signs Your Air Conditioner May Need Repair

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If your air conditioner suddenly stops turning on or is blowing out a lot of hot air, the need for air conditioning repairs will be quite obvious. However, not all air conditioning problems are quite so obvious. The bad news is, while many common problems with your home's cooling system can go undetected if you don't know what to look for, these same problems can result in additional damage that can be costly to repair if not addressed right away. Thankfully, you can avoid this type of unnecessary damage by taking the time to watch out for the three warning signs outlined below and contacting an HVAC contractor as soon as possible if you spot any of these issues in your home.

The Air Distribution In Your Home Is Uneven

People often tend to ignore issues with air distribution in their home or simply take steps to offset these issues as they are written off as nothing more than an inconvenience. For example, if one room of your home just never seems to get as cool as the rest of the house, you may choose to just use a fan in the room instead of calling an air conditioning repair contractor to address the issue. While this is a common response, it is also a huge mistake. This is because uneven air distribution can actually point to a blockage or air leak in your home's cooling system. If this issue is not resolved, you could find yourself dealing with a total system failure in the near future.

There Is Evidence Of Moisture Around Your AC Unit

People often attribute moisture around their air conditioning unit to condensation and think that this moisture is normal since the air in their home is warm and the air in their AC unit is cool. However, the fact is that there should not be any moisture on or around your air conditioner. If you spot signs of moisture, this typically means that either you have a cooling leak or your cooling coils have begun to freeze over. Both of these issues will require the services of a professional air conditioning repair contractor in order to be resolved. 

There Is An Unexpected Or Unexplained Jump In Your Energy Usage

If your air conditioning unit is in need of repair, you will often find that it is consuming far more energy in an effort to still cool your home. If you see a sudden, unexplained spike in your home's energy bills, there is a good chance that your air conditioner could be to blame. The best course of action is to have your cooling system professionally inspected to determine the cause behind your increased energy consumption. 

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