AC Repair Signs You Should Never Ignore

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An air conditioner is an important appliance, and you never want to go without it in cold or hot weather. If you already have one, you should ensure that it is working throughout the year. You can do that through regular maintenance by a qualified air conditioning contractor. Failure to do so will leave you dealing with the following AC issues. 

Your AC May Start To Produce More Warm Air

On a hot day, your AC is supposed to keep you cool when set to a cooling mode. Sometimes your cooling appliance may still produce warm air despite the correct settings. At this point, you should take action by contacting an air conditioner contractor because you could be dealing with a faulty compressor or restricted airflow. 

Your Air Conditioner Is Not Blowing Enough Air

If your air conditioner is inefficient or experiencing blockage in the ductwork, it will not blow enough air to meet your household demands. If this is the case, you could also be dealing with a clogged filter, or the motor might be damaged, and you should seek help immediately. Suppose the problem persists even after necessary repairs. In that case, your air conditioner contractor might recommend purchasing an energy-recovery ventilator to boost your AC or suggest zoning systems for freshening the air.

There Is Moisture Leaking Around The Appliance

Any leakages near your air conditioner are typically a sign of a big problem, more so if it is connected to the refrigerant. That is because refrigerant leaks often lead to additional issues like increased energy bills, hissing sounds, minimized cooling power, and several costly repairs. A leaking AC can be due to a blockage in the drain tube, which needs to be fixed before mold growth occurs. To prevent any leaks from getting out of hand, contact a qualified AC technician to rectify the issues as soon as you notice them. 

The Humidity Levels Are High

It is not a pleasant experience staying in a home with high humidity levels. If you are not sure how to pinpoint high humidity, watch out for musty smells around your home. In other cases, you will notice water pooling on glass windows. If your air conditioner is not eliminating humidity from your home, this may call for immediate professional attention. 

If you ever notice any of the above signs in your home, you should not hesitate to call an air conditioner repair service. They know the best approach to the problem and will get your home to perfect temperatures in no time.