3 Problems That Cause the Blower Fan in Your AC to Stop Working

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The blower fan in your air conditioner is what makes it possible for the cold air made by your AC to circulate through your house. If the fan stops working, your home will get warm and stuffy fast on a hot summer day. Fixing blower problems is a common type of residential AC repair. However, different things can cause a blower fan to malfunction. Here are three reasons why a fan goes bad in an air conditioner and repairs that help the problem.

1. The Fan Motor Burns Out

The fan motor can go bad due to old age, but another common reason the motor dies is that it burns out due to strain. If you don't have your AC professionally cleaned each year, dust and dirt build up on the blower parts. If the motor has to struggle to start the fan, it's just a matter of time before the motor overheats.

The motor can even overheat when the AC filter is clogged with dust, so keeping your AC clean helps the motor have a long life. Once the motor burns out, the AC repair person has to put in a new motor. The cost for a new blower motor depends on the size of the AC, the type of HVAC equipment you have, and the type of blower motor in your AC. However, the cost can sometimes be avoided completely by having routine repairs, cleaning, and maintenance done so the motor doesn't burn out.

2. The Blower Fan Is Loose or Jammed

The motor starts the blower every time the AC turns on. All that vibrating and spinning can sometimes cause the blower to get loose. You might hear it scraping against the metal sides of the air handler when that happens. Debris can sometimes get in the blower too and cause the fan to jam. When the blower doesn't spin, the AC technician will check the blower for signs of damage and proper alignment. The blower may just need to be cleaned if it is packed with dust and not able to spin freely.

3. The Blower or Motor Has Malfunctioning Parts 

If the motor has bad parts, the parts can be replaced sometimes so you don't have to pay for a new motor. Some of the parts, such as the capacitor, are electronic. The repair technician may have to test electronic parts and wiring to see if they need to be replaced.

Other parts, such as the belt around the blower, pulley, and bearings, wear out due to use over the years and may need to be replaced. These parts wear down gradually, and the more worn they are, the less efficient your AC works. When the parts finally give out and are replaced, you may notice your AC works better and it might even be less expensive to operate.

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