Gas Fireplace Installation Process And What You Need To Know After The Install Is Complete

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If you want to have a durable and safe fireplace for your home, a gas insert may be the best option for you. When you plan to install a gas insert in your home, you will need to prepare for the project. The following gas fireplace installation advice will help you with your project:

Setting up gas lines for fireplace installation

Before you even begin planning your fireplace installation, new gas lines will need to be installed. Talk with the fireplace service about the type of gas lines that need to be installed. Ask them if they can do the installation or if you should hire a gas pipe installer to do the work. Once the gas pipes have been installed and inspected, you will be ready to have your fireplace installed.

Preparing the chimney for fireplace installation

When you are installing a gas fireplace, some preparations need to be done for the chimney. Your chimney must have the right safety features if you are planning on using a glass insert. The features that you want to make sure are included with your chimney should include:

Installing the fireplace flue pipe for the insert

The flue pipe of your fireplace is another important feature that you are going to want to plan before installing the insert. This is due to the fact that special double-wall flue systems need to be used. These special pipes allow exhaust gases to escape from your chimney and are protected from leaks due to the double-wall design. The special double-wall design also helps to protect the chimney from the heat that a fire in the fireplace can produce.

Installation of the insert and using the fireplace

The installation of inserts is also important, and you also want to know about the safety after installation. Once your new fireplace has been installed, it can be started by igniting the gas. When you are not using the fireplace, the gas valve should be turned off. You will also want to have it cleaned and inspected annually to ensure it can be used safely.

These are some things that you should know before installing a gas fireplace insert in your home. For more information about gas fireplace installation service, contact a local installation professional.