How You Could Benefit From A Home Energy Efficiency Audit

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A home energy efficiency audit is when a professional energy auditor examines your house or property to determine how efficient the fuel utilization is and how said efficiency can be improved. A home energy efficiency audit can benefit you by being an energy- and money-saving service that is sometimes offered for free or at a reduced cost.

Save Energy

One of the best ways that a home energy efficiency audit can help you is by reducing your utility bill by 5 to 30% over time. This lowered bill is a result of lowering your energy usage. Home energy efficiency audits can identify the places that your house or property has heating or cooling leaks, such as damaged insulation, inefficient windows, or even malfunctioning HVAC units. This lowered energy usage means that you can lower your carbon footprint - 12% of the U.S. greenhouse gas emissions come from commercial and residential areas as they heat and cool their buildings throughout the year. By performing a home energy audit, you can reduce these emissions.

Save Money On Energy

Another great benefit of a home energy efficiency audit is that they can save you money in the process. The up-front costs for an audit can sometimes be steep, depending on your area and what your property needs from the audit, but they can pay for themselves by saving you money on your utility bill in the long-run. Additionally, many of the energy-saving additions or modifications that a home energy auditor can suggest can also make your house worth more. For example, adding high-quality insulation to your attic after a home energy audit recommends it can increase the value of your home by more than $1,400 on average.

It's Sometimes Free

Home energy efficiency audits generally pay for themselves in the long run, but if the up-front costs are concerning, then you should know that you may be able to get a home energy audit for free. Many utility companies and local government agencies offer home energy audits for free or at a reduced cost to incentivize property owners and managers to reduce their household energy usage. Additionally, you can also get special financing to pay for the audit over time rather than trying to afford the up-front costs, such as a loan or a payment plan through your utility bill.

If you are interested in lowering your energy usage and utility bill in your home or property, then contact the appropriate local organizations for a home energy audit today. Even if the audit is not free or financed, it will certainly pay for itself.

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