4 Things to Think About When You Need a Furnace Replacement

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If your furnace did a poor job of keeping you warm last winter, it may be time to consider a furnace replacement. If your furnace is several years old, a new model will probably be more energy-efficient, so your home will be warmer without driving up your power bill. Here are four things to consider when thinking of getting a furnace replacement.

1. Switch The Power Source

If you have an electric furnace now, you may want to switch to a gas furnace if you have natural gas or a propane tank at your home. Call your local utilities to learn about rates so you can compare the cost of heating your home with gas compared to electricity. You may find a gas furnace is cheaper to operate, although you may have to pay more initially to make the switch to gas.

2. Think About Ductless

It might be a good time to think about going ductless and have a heat pump installed instead of a forced-air furnace. An advantage of a heat pump is that it doubles as an air conditioner in the summer. Plus, you can eliminate the expense of getting new ducts. It's easy to control heating zones with a heat pump, and a heat pump might be the most energy-efficient way to heat your home depending on your local climate and lifestyle.

3. Decide On Upgrades

If you struggle with dry air in the winter when the furnace runs, talk to your furnace dealer about having a humidifier added to your furnace. A furnace humidifier is much more convenient than a room humidifier you have to fill all the time. A humidifier you add to your furnace is connected to a water line so you don't have to worry about filling it, and there is no big appliance to get in the way since the humidifier is part of your furnace.

Adding humidity to the air could help you breathe a little easier in the winter, and it might help with dry skin and dry conditions inside your house.

4. Choose The Quality

It might be difficult to choose the right furnace replacement for your home since the higher the quality, the higher the price is for the equipment. Furnaces are rated for energy efficiency, so you know what you're getting in advance. You may want to buy the highest-quality furnace you can afford so you get the best performance over the coming years. A furnace dealer can help you with your choice when it comes to size, efficiency, and features, so you get a quality furnace that is perfect for your family and home.