2 Toilet Base Problems You Should Fix Right Away

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Until something happens to the base of your toilet, you might not think anything about it. The base of your toilet stabilizes and supports your toilet bowl and tank. If the base becomes unstable or leaks, it can affect everything in your bathroom. Here are two toilet base problems you want to fix right away.

Corroded Anchor Bolts

The base of your toilet should feature large bolts called anchors. Anchor bolts secure the toilet's base to the floor and connect the water outlet inside the toilet bowl to the waste pipe inside the floor. If moisture from your shower or toilet corrodes the bolts, they can rust in place. It can be difficult to remove the anchors once they corrode or rust. 

Take a second to inspect your toilet's anchor bolts. If there are small rubber caps covering the anchors, remove the pieces. Examine the bolts carefully. If you see corrosion on the bolts or around them, change them right away. 

If you find corrosion in the flange during your inspection, stop and call a plumbing contractor immediately. You may need to change or repair the flange. 

Damaged Flange

Although the flange hides beneath the base of your toilet, it can corrode with time. Wastewater passes through the flange throughout the day. Some of the minerals and waste in the water can corrode or damage the flange and the wax ring covering it. If the flange or wax ring fails, wastewater can slowly pour inside the bathroom. 

A contractor can change the flange and wax ring for you. The new flange and wax ring should steady the toilet's base as well as prevent water from escaping the waste pipe and toilet bowl. A contractor may also place a thin layer of waterproof sealant around the base of the toilet to help control moisture leaks. 

If the base of your toilet doesn't fit or sit properly after the changes above, a contractor may check the waste pipe in your floor. Sometimes waste pipes move out of place in the floor. The top of the pipe might not connect to the flange or base of the toilet properly if this happens. A contractor can refit the pipe so that it does connect to the flange and toilet base correctly. 

While it might not seem necessary to check the base of your toilet, it's important that you do so. If you need help checking or repairing problems with your toilet, don't hesitate to call a contractor today.