Finding The Right Air Conditioner

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Taking many things into consideration regarding your home, your lifestyle, and your budget is the best way for you to end up with the right AC for your home. Ask yourself these questions to choose the right one:

How big of a space do you need to cool?

The size of the space you are looking to cool will dictate the types of AC that you should think about. For smaller spaces, you might be able to get the area nice and cool by using a standalone or portable air conditioner. This is a unit that sits in the room in a location where you put it. They function differently depending on the model. However, many require you to put ice cubes in the unit and the ice will cool air that will then be blown out of the unit to cool the room. A window AC will also cool the small space well. When looking to cool a larger space, you will want to go with at least a window AC, as long as the large room you want to cool is a single room.

How many rooms do you need to cool?

If you need to cool more than just a single room, then a window AC or a stand-alone AC is not going to serve your purposes, unless you want to have one in each room, which can get costly. Instead, you will do best with having central air installed.

Central air has a condensing unit that's outside. Air is pulled into the system and taken to this condenser unit to be cooled. Once cooled, it gets put back into the home through the ducts and comes out the registers in the different rooms to achieve an even and complete cooling. If it's an option, central air is the best way to go in larger homes because the duct system allows for more cool air to be sent to more areas.

Ductless air conditioning will also offer you that same even cooling that central air will in numerous rooms, but it is a great option if you don't already have ductwork in your home. The ductless air conditioning system works through the use of two units that get installed on the walls of your home's interior. There is an outside unit that cools the air that will be sent into the home and make their way through the two inside units via tubing. The cooled air will be disbursed through a terminal mounted on a wall.

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