Heating An Attic Space Renovated For Living

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Have you recently renovated your attic to transform it into a livable space in your home? If so, one thing that may be causing problems is trying to keep the space warm enough in the winter and cool enough in the summer. Here, you'll find a few tips that can help you maintain a comfortable temperature in your newly renovated attic space.

Heating and Cooling System Installation

If you're trying to pump the heat from the forced air furnace that heats the rest of the home all the way up to the attic, chances are, you won't get the job done. Instead of putting more strain on the home's heating system, consider installing a separate unit in the attic.

Ductless mini-split heating and cooling systems are the perfect solution for renovated attic spaces. These systems don't require all of the duct work that a forced air system does and it can be installed very quickly.

Mini-split heating and cooling systems do both. They heat and cool the space. So, when summer rolls around, you won't have to worry about trying to get an air conditioning unit lugged up the stairs and mounted in a window, nor will you have to use space heaters to warm the space during the winter.

Insulation and Ventilation

If the renovation work is already complete, insulating and ventilating the space will require a little more planning and work.

One option you have to upgrade the insulation is to have the foam insulation installed. For this type of insulation, the drywall will not need to be removed. Instead, holes are drilled in several areas and the foam insulation is pumped into the space behind the drywall. As the foam hardens, it expands and fills in every gap and pocket in the walls. Then, you just need to patch the holes and paint over the areas.

Is there any ventilation in the attic? You need a way for the heat to escape without losing the heat that you're paying to produce. If you have limited or no experience installing attic ventilation, you should leave this step in the project to a professional so that you don't end up with leaks damaging everything that you've worked so hard to do.

Talk with your local heating installation expert to learn more about the options that you have to heat and cool your renovated attic space. Hopefully, you'll find the solution so that the attic becomes a truly livable and comfortable space for you to enjoy.