Signs Your Business's Gas Boiler Is In Need Of Immediate Repairs

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If your business's building uses a gas boiler to provide heat, you may have noticed that it is having trouble doing its job of keeping the temperatures inside the workplace consistently warm. If so, look for the following signs that the boiler is in need of immediate repairs.

Black Stains Around the Burner

One of the first things you should do when inspecting your boiler for signs of problems is open the panel leading to the burner and pilot light. Using a flashlight, look around the top and sides of the compartment for the presence of black stains.

If you do find any stains, your flame may be burning too much gas. When this happens, carbon is a byproduct that causing charring on the surrounding metal. This excessive burning of gas also produces carbon monoxide, which can pose serious risks to you and others in the building. 

Pilot Light Burns Yellow

Along with the presence of charring inside the burner compartment, you may also notice that the color of the pilot light is yellow. Usually, the pilot's color is a bright blue, indicating the proper mixture of gas and air.

However, if not enough oxygen is coming through the line, the pilot light will turn yellow. This blockage of air can be caused by a clogged air intake valve. There may also be an air leak somewhere within the system.

Either way, the pilot is unable to evenly burn and may have problems igniting the boiler's burner. This blockage of oxygen also means that too much gas is being burned, which could contribute to the problems discussed in the previous section.

Pilot Refuses to Light or Stay Lit

While checking the pilot on your boiler, you may find that the pilot light isn't even lit. Even after attempting to relight it, it may go out soon afterward. If this is the case, there could be a serious problem with your gas line or air intake valve. The gas line may be blocked and is not allowing enough fuel to reach the pilot. The air intake valve may also have rusted or jammed shut. If no oxygen at all is reaching the pilot light, the flame will not light.

If your gas boiler is exhibiting any of the signs above, you should have a professional look at it right away. Contact an HVAC contractor who offers boiler repairs to have them inspect the unit and make the necessary repairs.