Four Common Air Conditioning Problems

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Your air conditioning system can be prone to experiencing a range of problems during the time that you own it. Not surprisingly, these problems can cause major comfort problems for those in the house as they can result in the air conditioning system failing to effectively cool the house. Understanding some of the types of problems that your air conditioner can experience should help you with managing the situations where these issues become disruptive.

Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coils are a critically important part of the air conditioning system that can be easily overlooked. In particular, individuals will frequently fail to keep these coils clean, and while this may seem like a minor issue, it can interfere with the heat exchange that occurs in these coils. To clean these coils, you should spray them with a pressure washer or garden hose. Additionally, you may want to gently wipe down the great that protects them to ensure they get as much airflow as possible.

Clogged Drainage Pipe

A drainage pipe in the bottom of the air conditioning unit will allow moisture from condensation or rain that falls into the unit to drain out. When this pipe is allowed to become dirty or clogged, it can prevent this moisture from being able to drain out of the system. If the unit's interior is allowed to flood, it can create major performance problems by interfering with the ability of the internal electronics and moving components to function.


A refrigerant leak in the air condition can lead to almost immediate performance problems as the system will lose the ability to cool the air that it circulates in the house. Identifying these leaks may seem like it will be more difficult than it actually is. For example, you can measure the amount of refrigerant in the system. Additionally, you can look at the base of the air conditioner for signs of leaked refrigerant that has dried. While adding more refrigerant may temporarily remedy the performance issues caused by these leaks, you will have to patch a leaking component or replace it to permanently address this problem.

Failed Motor

Your air conditioning system will utilize a powerful fan to move the air through the house. However, the motor for this fan can suffer a variety of damages that could lead to it failing to work as intended. Regular service visits will help to keep this motor working. Ideally, you should have the system serviced at the start of the spring season as this will ensure the system is in good condition when you first need to use it to cool the house.

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