3 Vital Air Conditioning Maintenance Things To Do Before Summer Arrives

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Are you someone who enjoys winter far more than summer? Does the impending warmer weather fill you with slight dread? Only a few generations ago, there were few practical options when it came to alleviating the discomfort of heat associated with the summer months. Fortunately, modern air conditioning is available to make everyone's lives easier and more comfortable. But without the right maintenance and care, there is no guarantee that the air conditioner will work as expected once summer arrives. In order to prepare for summer, some things that you need to do include:

Get your vents cleaned: Even with an excellent filter in place, some dust will make it through your filter and into your ductwork. If not removed every 3-5 years, it can build up on the inside of your air conditioner as well, creating a breeding ground for mold and bacteria as well as making your air conditioner work harder to cool down your home. The harder the air conditioner works, the higher chance there is of having it break down and you needing to call your air conditioning company out to fix it. If you can't afford to have all the vents in your home cleaned, cleaning what you can is going to be better than not cleaning at all.

Get a tune-up: Air conditioners are not completely dissimilar to your car's engine in that yearly tune-ups will help it to run more efficiently. A tune-up can also catch most issues before they become serious problems. For best results, it's a good idea to have your air conditioning company inspect and tune-up your air conditioner in the fall after you shut off the unit for the final time. Early spring can also work, however, but it's important to not wait too long. During late spring and early summer, the company will likely be backed up with urgent repair calls by people who didn't do the correct maintenance.

Buy better filters: For many people, reusable filters are apparently a cheap and easy way to make sure that they have a filter every month - just wash it and reinstall. But the standard reusable filter is a false economy. The fibers are too far apart to catch most particles, with the possible exception of pet hair. This allows almost all of the dust and other particulates in your home to enter your vent system which, as previously discussed, can result in damage to your system as a whole. Purchasing the best filters that your system can take will allow your system to run longer and be more trouble-free. If you're not sure what type of filter to use, your air conditioning company can help you find the right one.

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