Central AC Vs. Heat Pump: Which Is Best?

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If you have the choice of selecting between central AC or a heat pump for your home, you may be wondering which cooling method you should use. By knowing the advantages of each system, it will help you make an informed decision.

Heat Pump Advantages

Long-Term Money Savings

A heat pump works by transferring cool air instead of creating it, so you will see savings in your home's energy bills by going with a heat pump. You can potentially see as much of a 60% savings with this appliance.

Tax Credits

Since heat pumps are more energy efficient, it's possible that you could be eligible to receive a federal tax credit for your heat pump purchase.

Dual System

If you live in a warm climate that doesn't even have real winters, all you may need is air conditioning. For those that do need heating, know that a heat pump also works to heat your house by pumping in the warm air from outside. You'll save money by not needing a furnace and an air conditioner. In addition, the heat pump also acts as a dehumidifier.

Keep in mind that a heat pump will not work in extremely cold temperatures. When the temperature outside regularly drops below freezing, you will still need to have a supplemental heating source for those very cold days.

Even Temperature

Many homeowners like heat pumps because the cool air they create is even. When you used a forced air cooling system, it can leave areas near the vent feeling much colder than other areas.

Central AC Advantages

Less Expensive Up-Front Costs

For homeowners that only need central cooling, know that the cost of central air AC can be more than the heat pump. This makes it ideal if you are on a tight budget and do not need the heating aspect of the heat pump.

Less Space Required

The bulk of a central AC system is located outside the home. This will help free up space inside the home that would otherwise need to go to components for a heat pump. If you are short on space as it is, you can reclaim some room in your home by using central AC.

If you have decided between using a heat pump or central AC, contact a local HVAC company to find out more information about the cost of a specific unit and installation. They will help you narrow down a specific model from the many that are available to you and can even explain the air conditioning maintenance needs.