What Happens When You Avoid Getting Your AC Cleaned

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Do you get excited about new seasons approaching? Perhaps you prepare in various ways such as getting appropriate clothing out of storage, prepping the exterior of your property as needed, and possibly planning for the season's big party. There are a number of property owners who go to great lengths to prepare their properties for summer and spring, but some of these individuals neglect to consider air conditioning maintenance until they later discover that they need AC repair. 


Due to the location of air conditioning units, there is always a possibility that foreign material can get trapped inside of them. These contaminants may enter the system at any time throughout the year. Perhaps you have an AC cover, and this may make you feel confident that debris will not get trapped in your system. Covers may keep some of the debris out of your unit, but it is likely that small fragments can still enter the unit. If they are not cleaned away, then they may cause issues. Leaves, dirt, and pollen are examples of debris that could still enter your AC unit even if a cover is present. 

Refrigerant Issues

Debris accumulation on condenser coils may cause refrigerant leaks. If the refrigerant gets too low or is depleted, then you will have issues with proper cooling. Some people make the mistake of leaving their AC turned on even when it is clear that it is blowing and circulating hot air.  This may result in some parts of the system failing. 

AC Failure

Continuous running of your AC when it needs cleaning will result in system failure at some point. This means that by choosing to overlook standard maintenance that could prevent this type of mishap, you will find yourself faced with repairs. The repair costs may exceed what you would have paid for maintenance, and if the malfunction occurs during peak season you may have to make costly efforts to keep you and your family safe from dangerous heat exhaustion. For example, some HVAC companies may experience delays during peak season due to having multiple service calls. This means that you may have to make other accommodations for your family, such as hotel lodging, until they can service your home. 

An HVAC contractor is a good resource to use to determine when you should have your AC system serviced. They can also educate you on how to recognize when an AC repair is imminent. For example, if you can see refrigerant leaking from your system, a service call is likely necessary. 

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