4 Non-Toxic Ways To Deal With Clogged Drains Without Losing Your Cool

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Are you tired of dealing with clogged drains? In the past, you may have decided to use products that are effective at removing junk but are harmful to your pipes. As a result, you may be interested in finding better ways to get rid of the debris and clear those drains so they are no longer preventing water from flowing through as it should.

1. Use Boiling Hot Salt Water

Instead of using harsh chemicals to help rid your drains of hair and pieces of food, you can try alternative options that are often just as effective. One way to attempt to breakdown some of the buildup is to boil four cups of water with a tablespoon of salt. As soon as the water starts boiling on your stove, quickly pour it down the drain. You should repeat this process once or twice a day to keep things clear, especially if you have recently removed hair and other junk from inside of it.

The heat from the boiling water and the abrasive properties of the salt will help you to get rid of the junk that often sticks to your pipes. If you know some pieces of food and cooking oil are getting into the sink and down the drain, it is a good idea to try this simple solution.

2. Try a Homemade Vinegar Solution

Many people underestimate the power of vinegar as a cleanser. Because it contains acetic acid, it is strong enough to loosen up the food that is commonly found in kitchen sink pipes. You can combine two cups of the vinegar with a pinch of salt and then throw it right down the drain. It may make a bit of a fizzing noise as it makes its way down and works on removing all of that unwanted grime, but that is normal.

3. Use a Sink Hair Snare

If several people are living in the home, it is easy for hair to fall into the drain, especially in the bathroom sink and the shower. When there is too much hair gathered together, it could completely block the drain and prevent the water from going down. In that case, it is ideal to use a sink hair snare to get deep down into the drain and pull out any of the accumulated hair.

4. Bring in the Experts

If you are having some serious trouble, it may be time to hire an expert. There are plumbing professionals who have all the right tools to complete a thorough drain cleaning. If you are still dealing with problems after trying out several of the do-it-yourself options, it may be best to hire one of the experts to assist you. If you do not want the professionals using harsh chemicals during the cleaning process, make sure to ask about the products they plan on using ahead of time.

Instead of stressing out about how to clean your drains without toxic chemicals, simply try a few home remedies that often work well. You can always contact a plumber after trying home remedies if you still need the help.

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