How To Vent A Portable Air Conditioner Through The Window

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If you want to cool one room, but the windows are too small, vent a portable air conditioner. Portable air conditioners are wheeled units, which makes them convenient to transport from room to room, but they have to be vented through an opening, or the  warm air will be pushed back into the room. Venting a portable air conditioner doesn't require advanced HVAC skills. Here are some tips to vent a portable air conditioner through a window with or without a vent kit.

Prepare to Work

For this project, you need:

Choose a window to vent the unit through. Ensure air circulation is not blocked by furniture or other objects.

Measure the window opening width, excluding the frame. Portable air conditioner units commonly include a vent kit with a plastic plate, but it may not work with certain windows such as casement windows or hinged windows. In this case, have a Plexiglas custom-made to serve as a plate, or use plywood.

Vent with a Vent Kit

Raise the window, then insert the plastic plate that comes with the kit. Connect the exhaust connector to the back of the unit, ensuring the grooves are aligned.

Insert the exhaust hose, which should twist or snap on the connector. Trim the window adapter to match the width of the window opening with the scissors. Attach the adapter to the free end of the hose.

Insert the hose and the adapter in the opening and allow the window to close on the top edge of the plate. Adjust the adapter until there are no gaps. Add duct tape around the edges for a more effective seal.

Vent Without a Kit

Use the jigsaw to cut a plywood plate to fit the height and width of the window opening. Set a dryer hose vent collar on the wood, trace around it, then cut out the circle with the jigsaw.

Attach the dryer vent collar to the opening in the wood with the grille on the outside, and secure it with screws. Insert the wood panel in the window, and close the window on the top edge.

Attach the dryer vent hose to the back of the unit. Alternately, insert the custom-made Plexiglass on the window sill, and attach the vent hose and vent in the same manner.

Connect the power cord to your unit. You will now enjoy a cooler room without the hassle of installing central air. If the unit fails to operate, you need it vented through a wall or floor, or you don't trust your installation skills, contact an HVAC service like United Heating Cooling and Plumbing Inc.