Fighting The Sweat! Staying Cool During An AC Outage In Your Bed

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There is nothing that resembles a midsummer night's dream about trying to sleep in a bedroom when your AC is on the fritz. Between peeling sticky, sweaty sheets off of your legs and fumbling around for a cold spot under your pillow, you'll be lucky to catch any winks at all. If you find yourself without air conditioning in the middle of a hot summer night, there are a few things you can do to stay cool through the night until professionals can get to you and make repairs. 

Hang a dampened sheet over your window. 

If there is any air stirring outside at all, go ahead and pop open your window. Dampen a thin cotton sheet enough that it is wet but not dripping. Use a few thumbtacks to hang up a dampened sheet over your window to completely cover it. As the breeze passes through the dampened material, you will experience an ever-so-slight change in temperature which could bring you some relief from the summer heat for a while until the sheet dries. 

Set a large bucket of ice in front of a fan aimed at your bed. 

Even though a lot of people will say just keeping the air circulated with a fan will be enough to keep you cool, there is little relief that will come from fanning around heavy and hot air. If you want to reap the most cooling power from your fan, it is a matter of changing the temperature of the air that it is blowing, which can be done quite easily with a bucket of ice. Situate a large bucket of ice directly in front of the fan as it blows air toward your bed. As the air moves across the ice, its temperature will change and provide you with cooling relief. If you want the ice to melt more slowly, freeze ice in super large chunks or even just stick the bucket filled with water in the freezer.

Chill your sheets before bedtime. 

There's nothing odd about sticking your sheets or even your pillow (if you have room) in your freezer before you go to bed if you are pretty sure the heat will keep you awake. Wrap the sheets in a plastic grocery bag and let them hang out in the cold for a few hours before bed. When it's off to sleepytown time, pull out your sheets and enjoy the refreshing coolness while it lulls you to sleep.

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