Three Tips To Help Your Air Conditioner Avoid Problems

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Air conditioning systems can be critical for ensuring your home's interior does not get too hot during the summer. However, there are some homeowners that may not have much experience with these powerful devices. To help you avoid some common problems that can compromise your air conditioner's performance, you may want to keep these tips in mind.

Keep Your Air Conditioner In The Shade

It may not seem like where you put your air conditioner matters much. However, you should be aware that these units can become extremely hot during the summers due to the prolonged exposure to the sun's powerful rays of light. When the unit's temperature increases, it may struggle to effectively cool the air in your home, which can lead to comfort issues and higher energy costs. By making it a point to keep the exterior portion of the air conditioner in the shade, you can help to prevent it from becoming extremely hot. If your unit has already been installed and receives a lot of direct sunlight, you may want to install an awning that extends over the unit to help protect it from this common issue.

Wash The Exterior Of The Unit

In addition to keeping the air conditioner in the shade, you may also want to regularly clean it. These cleaning sessions are needed to remove dirt and dust that can clog the exterior vents or jam the moving parts of these systems. While washing your air conditioner may seem like an inconvenient task, it can often easily be completed by spraying the unit with a standard garden hose. By making sure to do this at least once every few months, you can help to ensure that any dust is removed before it is able to cause problems for your system.

Clean The Thermostat

The thermostat is required to give you control over the air conditioner, but it can be easy to forget that this part of the system also needs regular care to keep it functioning. If dust is allowed to gather inside the thermostat, it may inhibit its ability to accurately check the temperature, which can prevent the air conditioning system from either activating or stopping at the desired temperature. In addition to causing your home to be uncomfortable, this can also cause your energy bills to increase due to the system running more than necessary. Luckily, cleaning thermostats is relatively simple as it will only require you to remove the faceplate and spray the interior with compressed air. Ideally, you should perform this type of maintenance on the thermostat every couple of months to keep it safe from dust.

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