How To Install A New Water Inlet Valve In A Humidifier With The Old Valve Already Removed

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Humidifiers add moistness to the dry air coming out of your furnace so that your home isn't overly arid. The humidifier relies on a water supply line hooked into a water inlet valve, which is both an access route and a sensor that tells the supply line when more water is needed. If the water inlet valve breaks or malfunctions, your humidifier can stop functioning.

Installing a new water inlet valve is fairly simple once you have the old valve removed. Don't have the old valve removed yet? Simply follow the new valve installation process backwards, skipping the preparation methods, and then follow the tutorial.

What You Need:

Step 1: Prepare and Install the New Inlet Valve

Prepare the new water inlet valve for installation. Remove the brightly-colored port plugs that are sealing shut the access holes. Discard the plugs. Apply a thin coat of thread sealant to the new orifice fitting. Thread the fitting into the appropriate port on the valve.

Attach the outlet tube hanging in the humidifier to the orifice on the new inlet valve. Thread the wires through the hole in the valve's housing. Position the valve body in the housing and press backwards until it snaps into place. Make sure the outlet tube is still held into place in its brackets or press the tube back into its brackets, if necessary.

Apply thread sealant around the edges of the new inlet fitting. Insert the fitting through the hole at the bottom of the valve housing and twist to thread the fitting into the valve. Use your wrench to make sure the fitting is fully tightened.

Insert the new inline filter, which comes with the new valve, into the center of the fitting. Twist the water supply line back onto the fitting starting with your hand then finishing the process with your wrench.

Cut the connectors off the ends of the wires dangling from the new valve. Use wire cutters to strip off a bit of insulation off the end of each wire. Note that you only need enough insulation stripped to touch the wire ends together and secure in a wire nut. Connect the two pairs of wires using the wire nuts that came with your new valve.

Step 2: Put the Humidifier Back Together

Align the water distribution tray and evaporator pad in the appropriate housings within the humidifier and press the parts back into place. Replace the humidifier cover and attach its screw to secure.

Turn on the water supply at the shut-off valve on the supply line and the electrical supply at the circuit breaker. Conduct a test run of the humidifier to see if the problem is solved. Call in a heating repair company, such as Ricks Repair Service, for help if the problem continues.